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Home Buyer Inspections

A buyer's home inspection before you purchase gives you peace of mind from having an understanding of the condition of the home.

Home Seller Inspections
A seller's home inspection before you list allows you to address any deficiencies in the home before they become a negotiation point at the 11th hour and delay the sale. 

New Construction Inspection

It is a common miscoception that you do not need to have your newly contructed home inspected.  Do not assume that your builder or the contractors did everything correctly because it passed the code inspection.

Your home inspection will be a visual inspection of the systems and components below:

  • Foundation - Basement

  • Insulation - Ventilation - Attic

  • Attached Garage

  • Grading - Driveway

  • Electrical Service - Distribution

  • Roof Coverings - Flashings - Drainage Systems - Chimney

  • Ceilings - Walls - Structure

  • Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Exterior Cladding - Windows - Doors

  • Built in Kitchen Appliances

  • Plumbing Fixtures

  • Water Supply

  • Drain & Waste Systems

  • Hot Water System


Electronic Radon Testing

Results are e-mailed after test

Testing takes 2 days (continuous 48 hours of testing)

All Radon testing is done with an electronic Sun Nuclear 1028 Professional Series Radon Monitor

All of our Radon monitors are recalibrated for accuracy every 12 months


*Radon Risk Information*

Radon is a naturally occurring, cancer-causing radioactive gas that you cannot see, smell or taste, It's presence in your home can pose a danger to your family's heath. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. The U.S. Surgeon General and E.P.A. recommend that you have your home tested. The concentration of Radon in the home is measured in picocuries per liter of air (pci/l). The higher the Radon level, the higher the risk. Testing is done continuously over a 3 day period, If the average of this 3 day testing results in levels that excede 4.0 (pci/l) or greater, The U.S. Surgeon General recommends fixing the home. Even homes with very high radon levels can be reduced to below 4.0 (cpi/l).

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